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Epidemiology is the basic science of public health. The practice of epidemiology involves the study of factors determining and influencing the frequency and distribution of disease, injury, and other health-related events and their causes in human populations for the purposes of establishing programs to prevent and control their development and spread.

The epidemiology program at the City of Hartford Department of Health & Human Services supports the work of several other programs throughout the department by providing, but not limited to, the following activities:

  • Establish and maintain surveillance activities on reportable diseases and conditions as per Connecticut Public Health Codes and Reportable Diseases.
  • Coordinate outbreak investigations.
  • Assess the health status/trends of the community.
  • Analyze and evaluate health conditions and issues.
  • Provide statistical and demographic support to the community.
  • Prepare clear and concise epidemiological reports and publications.
  • Monitor effectiveness of public health activities.

Reporting Foodborne Illness

Disease Fact Sheets

Reportable Diseases

Data and Reports

GIS Mapping



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